*This specific Kit contains all the "Stuff" you need to help prepare the body for surgery, lessen pain, swelling, and discomfort after surgery, and enhance the healing process.  There is no other kit like this containing the perfect combination of these particular supplements.  Plus, there is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars trying to find the right mixture.  This is exactly what you need to have the best recovery!!

Instructions will be included in the package.  This kit provides enough product for one person.

Before Surgery- The right blend of Arnica, Bromelain, and Vitamins

After Surgery- The right combination of Echinacea and Vitamin E to aid healing and soften scar tissue


It is also beneficial to take a natural sleep-aid the night before surgery as well as after surgery to get the appropriate amount of rest and sleep in order for your body to be at its best for recovery.  We recommend Melatonin, listed below.

Also don't forget your Scar Treatments, see items below!

*certain items in this bundle may not be available due to lack of inventory from the manufacturers

Rapid Recovery Kit

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